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Last week of residencies! I'm headed to Parima right now, come on down (or to Rockwood Sunday, or Atwood's on Tuesday)

Swinging in circles, round the northeast. It's been cold. Dangit. And rainy. Dangit. But I've been having a blast!

Thanks to my cousins for driving all the way up from Richmond the other weekend to hang with me in New York. You guys are the best, I can't wait to do it again! And my aunts and other cousin last weekend. And everyone else who's been coming out to shows, you all rock! I can't thank you enough and it was great to see and/or meet you!

You know, I figured this would be a lighter month compared to April. Not really so. I've done 11,000 miles since March 21st. I passed that milestone just yesterday. Lemme say that again.

11,000 miles since March 21st!

And I've got another 2000 miles to go or so. Nope. I'm not crazy, just passionate and curious. SO many people, and SO many things to see. Would it help if gas were cheaper? YES! But here I am, right now. What if it does go down? What if it doesn't? I can't tell the future so I've chosen to sieze the day. Time to sleep when you're dead, or you can't go anymore and really really need it (like... cough... the previous week).

Anyways, if you've already come out to a show, THANKS! And if you've spread the word, THANKS! And if you haven't done either, well heck... your help would be greatly appreciated but no worries. I'm not in the business to force my songs on anyone, I'm just happy for everyone that makes it out. You've still got your chance though, and if you haven't seen me in a while you might be surprised at what I'm up to.

Also, LOTS of new show announcements are on the way. I'm excited at all I've got coming up including my first west coast swing. That's right kids, I'm going national! But for the mean time, I've gotta run... music to play. If you're in Burlington (or New York, or Boston), I will see you soon! Yeah!

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