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New Song? New Video! Plus 1,738 miles (give or take) to go solo by Friday. Glad I like driving... :-)

Hello Friends,

Minneapolis at night... So Madison and Minneapolis have been wonderful! Granted, the weather didn't exactly cooperate like we hoped it might, but I've met so many wonderful people and have had a great time getting to know this part of the heartland, where the prairie meets the coniferous forests of the north and the deciduous forests of the south. Such beautiful land and warm people! My thanks go out to the Fine Line Cafe,  the Aster Cafe, Sarah Pray, Thomas Kivi, Jim Walsh, Dallas Taylor, and countless others. I like this part of the country and look forward to my return in early October. :-)

While here I had the opportunity to catch up with Brad at Essential Studios and we did a neat recording session, old school. Straight analog, directly to tape in mono via a ribbon mic. Folk music the way it used to be done, you know? I recorded 12 songs in less than an hour, and as this one was written a little over a week before in Little Rock, AR I felt it appropriate to be the chosen song for a video. Check it out here....

Now I make a quick trip up near the Canadian border to play in Superior, WI tonight at the Thirsty Pagan before I turn south and east. I have to be just outside Boston by Friday which makes it an approximate 1500 mile trip in about 5 days. Matt had to return home to Maryland to take care of some personal stuff this past Wednesday, so I'm doing this run full solo and am looking forward to it. There's something about being on the road alone that I love, and while it's going to be a bit arduous (Wednesday, in particular, looks to be an 8 hour run at the least), I'm excited. I look forward to having Matt rejoin me, but for now it's time to dive into my head and this heartland. If you're in Superior WI, DeKalb IL, Bowling Green OH, Scranton PA, or Waltham MA I will see you soon!


sitting in the golden glove

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Reader Comments (2)

Hey E-S, I met you in April at Howards in Bowling Green. My kid Tom Wade was playing there. It was great talking to you.

We were also talking about Tom's event in June, a band festival. June 17th, Bowling Green, Ohio. You comin'? :)

May 25, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterGordon Wade

Hey Gordon,

Great to hear from you! I had a great night at Howards, and hopefully it won't be too long before I make it back up to Bowling Green. Unfortunately it won't be in June... I'm (finally) going to get some down time before I gear up to head west, and will be hiding in various places in North Carolina, recording and emailing and recuperating.

I'm not sure, but I think Tom contacted me by email... my computer was in the shop for a total of a couple weeks this spring and I got behind on some things and didn't respond to whomever emailed me. Please pass along my greetings to your boy, and if he did drop me a line and I didn't get back ask him to re-contact me. Things are slowing down for me and I'll have an easier time of replying.

Hope you're doing great and thanks for reaching out. If you wouldn't mind sending me some info about Tom's event (even though I can't make it) I'd love to keep tabs with what's going on. Till next we meet, take care and I trust the world finds you well!


June 2, 2011 | Registered Commentereric-scott guthrie

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