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playing at The Cave 8/23, and some changes coming

hey folks,

first of all, i've got a show coming up soon at yon Cavern Tavern in Chapel Hill. i'll be playing with my buds Elonzo Wesley and Jphono1. i'll also be having some friends joining me for my set, so it should be a good ol' time. cover is just 3 bucks. bring it.

second, i'm lookin' to make some changes 'round here. there's a part of me that needs to write more. seeing as how i'd rather direct more of my musical focus towards the band, i'm going to start migrating this site towards a more prosaic experience. it might take a little bit aesthetically, but that means an overhaul in the way things look too. which, i think, is about time. this old page has been up now for almost 5 years. sheesh.

anyways, just saying hi. come check out what's new with the grand shell game if you get a chance. we've got some good stuff cooking and might be coming to a town near you. or you can just come see me at the Cave in a couple weeks.

i trust you all are wonderful!


stepping out of the (grand shell) game for a big solo show, opening for Toby Lightman March 19th

hello friends.

it's been quite some time. at least, here on this site it's been quite some time. i have hair now (again). and i have been busy (finally) recording some of my songs with the new band. i mentioned them before? the grand shell game. you can check out what we're doing at

i love it. we have such a great time, and my songs are taking on a life that i suspected they contained, but was not quite sure. i'm sure now. i can't wait for you to hear them.

but i still love playing solo! on March 19th I've got the biggest solo show i've had in a while, opening for Toby Lightman at Local 506. that's big news. she's great, and i'm excited to be sharing the stage with her. i'll be playing some grand shell game songs, as well as some songs that haven't made it into our band catalog yet. deep cuts. b-sides. new, yet familiar nonetheless.

i just wanted to give you all a heads up on this. come see me if you're around.



So I'm bald. Now what? The Family Gathering, of course! Oh, and I have a new band.

Dear Friends,

The weather has been beautiful and life keep moving for the ol' e-s'er. I've got some amazing things afoot in my housing situation, my music situation, and my get-down situation coming up in the near future. Let me break it down for you.

click this image to send an email and find out more!FIRST: On June 20th, 21st, and 22nd I'm going to be part of a very special event called the Family Gathering. 30+ musical artists, 2 stages, camping, a Saturday Pig-Pickin', great folks, amazing times, and the ability to say you were there. All these are available to you, if you choose to find out about them. BUT I CAN'T GIVE YOU DETAILS! This is a private party with a capped attendance, so if you want to come you have to email and ask what the skinny is. They'll tell you who's playing, why, and what the minimum donation cost is to attend. Word will spread, and we only have a limited amount of attendance space. Don't miss your chance! Click the email address above or the image to send a note and find out more!

SECOND: On June 21st at the above event I will be debuting my new band, known 'round about these parts as "the grand shell game". Permit me to say that they are goooooooood, and I am so excited! You will be too. That's a promise. Keep your ears peeled for more info, or come out to the Gathering. You will not be sorry. Seriously, you really really should come to the Gathering.

THIRD: I am moving! Downstairs! My downstairs neighbor Tom (who is awesome) is moving on to a bigger homestead, and I'm taking over his place. Number 9 on my New Years Resolutions was to grow roots, and with this move I'm sending down a BIG taproot into the rich Triangle soil. I am so blessed to have found myself where I am!

RIGHT, that's all I have for now. I hope to see you on the Solstice weekend, and feel free to write me a note to say hi if you feel like it! Be good to everyone, everyone, and keep an eye out for a new blog entry shortly as I've got a few things to get off my chest (in a positive way).

Hugs to all, talk soon!



A heartfelt thank you, a commitment to charity moving forward, and a fun video!

Dear Friends,

I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support in my St. Baldrick's fundraising campaign! We were able to raise $2632, surpassing my personal goal of $2500 dollars by over 5%, and the event I was a part of raised over $17,500 for children's cancer research!

But the fight does not stop here, money is only one part of the campaign. For those of you who were not able to give, I understand completely! But you can play a part in this fight by sharing my status, deciding to become a shavee, sponsoring another shavee, telling others about the St. Baldrick's Foundation and their good works... the options are practically endless!

For me, my next month will be about sharing my story. How I went to this event and saw all the joy and love that blooms in facing such hardship with a community, and then later that evening racing to Greensboro to see my Father who was admitted to the ER due to complications with his current battle with lung cancer. How my 11-year-old downstairs neighbor Esten had the courage to shave his head for the second year in a row, after himself beating cancer four years ago. How I celebrated with so many people who believe as I do that we can make a change in our own lives and others' by standing together and working for a goal.

Beyond this month, my goal is to continue to raise awareness of the St. Baldrick's foundation so that my next year's campaign can be even better, and perhaps so that I might have some of you join me in efforts. It truly was an amazing experience and it's a great feeling to overcome personal vanity and pride in order to work towards helping another. I mean it when I say I did this for me as much as I did this for others. It was a purely self-full act, a concept I will be happy to speak with you about that is neither selfless or selfish.

Additionally, I will begin to start spreading the word of another charitable group called the Jana Marie Foundation. I will have more to say on this charity soon, but for the foreseeable future these two groups will be the focus of my awareness building and fundraising. Moving forward 50% of all my musical earnings will be shared between these two organizations. Please check the comments below for links to both their websites to find out more about each.

All we are ourselves is just how we see another. How we see ourselves is just how we see each other. I mean that. We can be agents of change in our world.

I love you all, friends. Share and spread the love. I look forward to seeing you soon, and I will keep you posted on my ongoing efforts as I move forward! Thank you for being and be good to everybody, everybody!

yours truly,



"So Long Silver Fox" Tour Diary Entry 4